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8 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Dress Socks

8 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Dress Socks

Depending on your lifestyle, you may or may not be familiar with dress socks. People who wear dress clothes are not the only ones who can utilize dress socks. In this article, we will provide 8 easy tips to help you match your dress socks with your attire. 

What Is a Dress Sock?

A dress sock tends to be thinner than a regular sock. These socks tend to be more delicate and look more visually appealing than your everyday white trainer socks. There are no real rules to follow when it comes to dress socks, you just do not want to look like a clown when rolling into a meeting. So, below you will find 8 tips to help pair your dress socks with your attire. 

8 Tips to Help You Pair Your Dress Socks with Your Outfit

At Groovy ToeJams, we want you to understand that it's a good thing for your socks to stand out. You do not want to be pegged as boring, so make sure you consider these 8 tips when pulling a pair of dress socks from your dresser in the morning. 

#1 Be Careful Not to Clash Patterns

Check out your pants… If they have a checkered pattern you want to consider that when choosing your dress socks. Most pants are tame and do not have patterns, which means you can be loud and proud with your sock choice. Just keep in mind if you are wearing a wild pair of pants not to go too funky with your sock pattern. It will end up looking awkward and we don’t want that!

#2 Contrasting Sock Color Will Make Them More Noticeable

For those who have chosen a muted color outfit, go crazy with your sock choice. This will bring personality to your outfit and help you stand out among the crowd. For example, if you are wearing gray maybe choose bright color socks to help pull some color into your outfit. If you are wearing a tie, make sure you consider the colors. Sometimes it is nice to wear a tie with a hint of color and accent that color with your sock choice. 

#3 Consider the Color of Your Tie and Pocket Square

It is complementary to coordinate the color of your tie and pocket square when choosing your dress socks for the day. When you coordinate all three, you are left looking well put together. If you use your tie as a point to help you match your dress socks, your match-up will be stunning and effortless. You can wear funky socks if they complement the rest of your outfit. These are simple tips that can take your wardrobe from boring to exciting. 

#4 Choose Dress Socks Wisely and Do Not Overpower Your Outfit

We are all about adding color to your feet, but you do not want to stand out like a sore thumb. Consider all the colors in your outfit and be sure they complement each other and do not clash. Think about the occasion you are dressing for and choose your dress socks accordingly. 

#5 White Is Overrated 

A white pair of dress socks can stick out like a sore thumb. So, you want to add color to your outfit with your sock choice. Your socks are the best way to allow your personality to shine in a formal setting. The goal is never to stick out but to make your dress socks a pivotal point of your outfit. In a corporate job, ties and dress socks are the only pieces of your attire you have some lead way. Remember, your sock choice could help open up a conversation with potential clients. If you know your client is a dog lover, be sure that you put those cute Corgie Socks on the day of your meeting. Your client will be impressed, and they will enjoy talking about your socks. 

#6 Simple Looks can Match Socks and Pants Together

If you want to tone it down, you can always take a step back and match your socks to your pants. This will allow your outfit to easily flow together without making a lot of noise. Some people want to ride under the radar without being detected. Matching your dress socks with your pants will allow you to do that. 

#7 Shoes and Socks

Always consider what shoes you are wearing when choosing your socks. If you have a loud pair of shoes, then you will want to mute the color of your socks. Loud shoes and loud socks can clash and make your outfit look ridiculous. Just use your judgment when it comes to pairing your socks and shoes. This is not rocket science, and there is no right or wrong answer.

#8 Cotton Socks

When it comes to socks you want to be sure that you are choosing a sock that has some breathability. No one wants to walk around with sweaty feet all day. Be sure to look for quality and design when purchasing your dress socks. 

Best Dress Sock Choices at Groovy ToeJams

We specialize in novelty socks, which means any of our socks can be considered dress socks and can be worn for any occasion. This makes it easy when shopping with us. Below you will find a variety of collections that offer you a multitude of choices when trying to find the best dress socks to wear each day. 



Floral Socks

Men and women can both get away with a nice pair of floral socks. They can make a dress outfit come together. We have several floral patterns that are popular among those searching for dress socks. 


Animal and Nature

Socks are the perfect way to show your love for animals and nature. We have a wide variety of patterns for you to choose from. Some of our favorites are listed below. 


Novelty Dress Socks

If you have a fun and outgoing personality, you will probably want to visit our novelty sock section. There are loads of wacky patterns that will have everyone smiling.


Why Should You Buy Your Dress Socks From Groovy ToeJams?

Here at Groovy ToeJams, we believe in supporting indie artists and musicians. We collaborate with our artists and allow them to make passive income while trying to become discovered. So, every purchase you make helps support the dreams of an artist. This is something that you can feel good about. For example, we have made socks for Los Angeles Guitarist Trevor Boggs, Chicago Metal Musician Jess Lai Mieritz, and British folk singer-songwriter Jacko Hooper

Then check out our Top Rated Dress Socks and start adding your favorites to your cart. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us! Happy Shopping! 

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