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Cat Lover’s Funky Sock Designs

Socks for Cat Lovers

Cats are very independent creatures that we all love and adore. All cats have different personalities, and that is part of the fun of owning a cat. If you are an animal lover like us, you use every opportunity to show your love for your four-legged friend. 
After all, they are part of your family. What better way to showcase your love of cats than to sport some high-quality Groovy ToeJams Cat Socks? 
Let’s explore our Cat Lovers collection and see what it offers you!

Most Popular Cat Socks

Below you will find our collection of cat socks. These socks are great for everyday wear. If you are a businessperson, these socks were made for you. What better way to accessorize a business suit than to sport some cute novelty socks? They will strike up many conversations with clients and coworkers. 

Tiger Pattern Crew Socks - One of our most popular cat socks offered, this design has a tattoo feel. It is perfect for those who have a love for big cats.

Taco Cat Crew Socks - These adorable socks have cat faces in the shape of tacos. Who doesn't love a good taco and a cuddle with a cute cat? 

Taco Cat Novelty Socks

Cats Crew Socks - These adorable black cat socks are mismatched in the best kind of way. One sock has a beautiful black cat with a tiny little mouse on a slice of cheese, while the other sock is filled with black, white, and grey cats—the perfect choice for those who want to keep a more professional look but still be fun. 

Nerdy Cats Crew Socks - These socks are so adorable. The cats have realistic faces, and each has a pair of glasses on—a great selection for those who like to read. 

Black Cat Crew Socks Red
- These red socks have a different-looking black cat. They give an old-world feel that everyone will love. 

Boss Cat Novelty Socks - These socks have the Nerdy Cat design but have writing on the bottom of the socks that says, “I’m the Boss!” 

Boss Cat Novelty Socks

Cats In Mugs Crew Socks Pink - If you are a coffee or tea drinker, you will love this pair of socks. They have little black kittens peeking over a coffee cup. They are on a pink background, which will help bring a little life to your clothing. 

Black Cat Pattern Crew Socks Brown
- These socks have a whimsical feel. They have a small Black cat with a number of other things, which will have you feeling like you are in a Harry Potter Scene. 

Cute Cat Knee-High Socks Black
- These are great for those looking for extra support. They would be cute with a black skirt or will be great for bedtime as well. The design feels like a chalkboard drawing. It is very unique and has a very cozy vibe. 

Cat Pattern Knee-High Socks Blue
- Every cat lover will want this pair! They are simple but visually appealing. The black cat is displayed on a blue background. 

Black Cat Pattern Socks
- This simple design is on a white background, meaning you can easily wear these socks with any of your attire. They have an art deco feel, but you are sure to get loads of compliments. 

If you have difficulty deciding which pair to go with, we recommend getting the Cat Lover’s sock bundle. You will get four different designs for $27.99. This is great for those looking for a gift to give their cat-loving friend or loved one!

Cat Novelty Socks

From One Cat Lover to Another

Cats are not just pets; they are family. They eat with us, keep us company, and are there when others are not. If you are a cat lover, you need these Groovy ToeJam socks! They will enhance your life and let others know how you feel about cats. Nothing is better than being able to laugh or smile at a simple pair of socks. You will certainly brighten a lot of days when you choose to wear these adorable cat socks. 

Add your favorite pair to your cart now and support an artist's dream. Groovy ToeJams partners with independent musicians and artists to help them make a bit of money and support their careers. Navigate to our About Us page, where you can learn more about Groovy ToeJam's mission.



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