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Who Are We? Why Are We Here?

Groovy Toejams was founded by two L.A. based musicians, Nate and Anni. They have noticed that many young musicians struggle to balance various retail jobs and the uncertainty of a music career. With this struggle in mind, Nate and Anni decided to dedicate this young and hopeful brand Groovy Toejams to support and promote young musicians and artists. Each sock box delivered to our customers includes flyers of featured artists profile! 

Meet Anni

Anni is a passionate, generous, and adventurous business owner.

Her life priority aligns with her entrepreneurial principles: freedom, love, sincerity.

As a founder of this young and hopeful brand, Anni aims to get her employees pumped and motivated, her consumers happy and excited, and her featured musicians proud and benefited!

What has Anni been up to lately?

Find out here! 

Meet Nate

Nate is an L.A.-based bass player who actively gives gigs.

Powered by his nerdy spirit, Nate is insightful in marketing and incredibly patient in growing businesses and house plants! He is a detail-oriented, visionary, strong leader.

Nate is fueled by coffee beans and tea leaves. He brews the perfect cold brew and triple shot espresso drinks.

Want to know what he has been brewing?

Find out Here