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Cool Socks Chicago

Are you tired of socks that are too small for your feet? Socks that make your toes feel cramped or cause you discomfort throughout the day aren’t worth the money you pay for them. Most department stores sell one-size-fits-all socks that don’t fully meet the needs of every shopper. Groovy ToeJams has the perfect size for your feet when you shop our size 8-14 fun colorful socks that are always in style. Stock up on sale-priced colorful crazy socks from our Web Store and you’ll stay comfortable throughout the day.

7 Fun Women’s Socks & Colorful Men’s Socks In Sizes 8-14

1. Watermelon Pattern Crew Socks are a best-seller at Groovy ToeJams; one look and it’s easy to see why the watermelon pattern is so popular with our customers. Bright red and green socks are dotted with black seeds and trimmed with white; they’re perfect for the summertime when watermelons are in season.

2. Tie Dye and Black Plaid Socks make it easy to show the world you’re from the old school when tie-dye was a popular fashion statement. If you’re still wearing tie-dyed clothes, you’re still in style; our colorful socks will make a great impression on friends.

3. Groovy Original Tie Due and Plaid Socks featuring eye-catching red plaid turn heads on the bike path, the hiking trail, or any place else you happen to be walking, skating, or riding. These cool funny socks are the grooviest pair we sell.

4. Kiwi Fruit Crew Socks feature taste-tempting graphics of kiwi fruit with a kiwi-colored background and black trim. If you’re shopping for cool socks in Chicago, add these very special socks to your cart- they’re on sale right now at Groovy ToeJams.

5. Wear our Beer Lovers’ Crew Socks out to the pub, sports bar, or craft brewery and you’ll get rave compliments from customers and staff alike. Beer Lovers’ socks are gray and feature frothy mugs of beer from toe to mid-calf.

6. Take your favorite gal out for a hot dog and coke while wearing our Hot Dog Crew Socks and you’ll share a lot of laughs between bites. Our popular socks feature foot-long dogs embellished with mustard and ketchup. Trimmed in sea foam green, these socks will attract more attention than you’ll know what to do with. Pair with shorts for maximum eye appeal.

7. Our Strawberry Pattern Crew Socks with a yellow background are perfect for a fun night on the town with friends or while on a casual date. Featuring juicy strawberries, green tow and heel, and crimson trim, you’ll find these socks match just about any outfit you want to wear.

Pick up on the savings at Groovy ToeJams when you’re looking for cool socks in Chicago in sizes from 8-14. We have a terrific selection in our Web Store; something for everyone, we like to say. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your family, or friends, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the affordable prices on all of our crew socks. Make cool funny socks a part of your everyday wardrobe and see how many people you can make smile.