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Guitar Girl Jess Lai


Guitar Girl Jess Lai

Groovy ToeJams is pleased to announce our latest artist partnership, Jess Lai!

Our Newest Musician: Jess Lai

Who is Groovy ToeJams, and what does this mean?

Groovy ToeJams is a sock brand that promotes small artists and indie musicians in our creative ways.

Jess Lai is a famous music influencer known for her Instagram videos of shredding on her guitar.

We at Groovy ToeJams are so excited to have her join our team! We’re all about musicians, and Jess is a great one! She’ll partner with us to make some great content and groovy socks, but what does that involve? Do you know what it means to have an artist on our team? Let's talk about what that looks like. Let's talk about Jess and what she'll be doing for us!


What do our partnerships look like?

When we partner with a musician, we ensure all sides get helped! Essentially, we're giving our newest musician Jess Lai some cool socks to share with her community, and we get to showcase an awesome indie artist! Our partnerships are a great way for any artist to give something back to their community and showcase their music. With some funky artist socks and an awesome platform, it makes for a great deal and partnership.

Jess is an awesome artist, so let's introduce her!

Jess Lai is a guitarist for Rome Music, a feisty indie metal band. She’s a Chicago-based artist who loves composing and producing music. The guitar is what she’s famous for, but she also plays the bass, clarinet, contrabass clarinet, and piano and sings. One of her goals is to inspire other young women in her field. 

So what will Jess Lai be doing for us?

We will launch a presell campaign with some custom socks just for Jess! She’ll post with some more details and feature the socks, and we’ll share the full details soon, so make sure you’re signed up for our email list! Jess Lai will then feature our socks in some videos and share with her fans what we’re doing together. We’re so excited to launch these Groovy ToeJams musician socks!

Let's welcome Jess Lai to our community together!

Now that you’ve learned what we do to help artists, introduced Jess, told you a little about her, and explained what we’d be doing, stay tuned for our presale release! If you haven't already, sign up to our email list so you don't miss future updates, and follow us on Instagram  @Groovytoejams_official